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Hello my friends. First off, I would like to thank you for choosing my website! 

We have been experiencing a ton of misfortune when it comes to USPS. This has come in the form of delayed delivery times, damaged packages, lost packages, and even disposed of packages. Unfortunately, I have no control over what happens to the package once it leaves my hands and this is beyond frustrating. 

I purchase 3-4 day shipping and majority of orders are not arriving until well after 15 days. 

Please know I am doing everything on my end right and trying to give you the best customer service I can but I ask for your patience and some grace. 

If you can please wait the 15 days to contact me then I will file a claim and do what I can to replace your items. However, at times, I may not have what you purchased in stock. In this case I will refund you for that item and send what I do have in stock that you ordered. 

Thank you all for being so understanding. 

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